The Day I Lost My Gallbladder

I was just sharing the news with my friends about the package that I received from an online shop courtesy of my husband when I felt a jerk of pain on the spot between my rib cages. I thought my hyper-acidity is acting up again since I did not have proper meals at work so I took the usual medicine that I take every time I feel this kind of pain – omeprazole. I waited for a good hour but the pain intensified instead. My friends were convincing me to head to the nearest hospital already and have myself checked but I told them that I’d wait for another hour and perhaps the pain will just go away. It didn’t.

After I changed my clothes, I grabbed my black sling bag and requested my friends, Mikay, Nikki, and Lyn to come with me to the CebuΒ Doc’s ER because I could barely move due to the pain that was already torturing me at that time.

To cut the long story short, I got admitted that night and was scheduled for an ultrasound the following morning. Diagnosis? Cholecystitis. I was like, “What? Are you kidding me!?” I was not expecting that kind of diagnosis. I was expecting something like ulcer or something related to it. Cholecystitis? What the heck is that? Alright, let’s have a brief science and health class. According to the doctors and surgeons who took care of me, it is an inflammation of the gallbladder caused by multiple gallstones. How were the frigging gallstones formed? Cholesterol found in bile that sometimes form hard particles.

Goofing around with my brother since there were only 5 patients on the 5th floor or CebuDoc.

Goofing around with my brother since there were only 5 patients on the 5th floor of Cebu Doc.

I was in shock. I was silent for some time. Then it finally dawned on me why this had happened. I binged on fatty foods! (Think “proven”, fried chicken, humba, etc.) Hypertension runs in the family on my mother’s side but I wasn’t concerned about it because I have low blood pressure and I was kind of an athletic person (Lokohin mo nanay mo, once in 6 months ka lang maglaro ng soccer!). All this time I was too negligent when it comes to what I ate. Well, what happened has already happened and as the saying goes “Nasa huli ang tutuli, este ang pagsisisi.” Labag man sa loob ko, I gave my surgeon the go signal and his team finally removed my precious gallbladder and the stones therewith leaving only two incisions on my belly area. Neat.

Having read my story, keep these things in mind:

  1. Seryosohin ang “Health is wealth.” slogan.
  2. Just because you have low blood pressure, immune ka na sa iba pang posibleng sakit.
  3. IWASAN ANG TABA!Β Even if it means pag-iwas sa mga friends mo. LOLJK! :p
  4. Exercise daily. Hindi considered yung jogging once a year para lang makapagselfie at ipost sa Instagram.
  5. Lastly, DO NOT SELF-MEDICATE! Consult your physician and ask for the right prescriptions.

Kidding aside, take serious care of your health. Love your family by loving yourself. πŸ™‚