Vispop Songwriting Workshop – 2

Ganahan ba kang musuwat ug kantang bisdak apan di sigurado kung sakto ba ang imong binisaya? Pwes! Apil na sa VISPOP SONGWRITING WORKSHOP – LEG 2 karong umaabot nga Enero 21, 2015, adlawng Myerkules sa ala-una sa hapon. Didto kini pagahimuon sa UV New School of Art & Design, 4/F Gullas Medical Center (Banilad Campus). LIBRE KINI SA TANANG GUSTONG MOAPIL!


Para sa dugang impormasyon, bisitaa ang ilang Facebook fanpage




What better way to celebrate mothers day than celebrating it for a good cause?


A pocket concert for a cause was held last May 11, 2014, Sunday, at TGI Fridays in Ayala Center Cebu with the help of Let It ECHO, Inc. together with other volunteers. The event aimed to raise awareness about CHD and raise funds for baby Ethan’s and baby Nico’s open heart surgery. Baby Ethan was diagnosed with Ventricular Septal Defect Subpulmonic while baby Nico was diagnosed with Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return (TAPVR) to Superior Vena Cava and both their families need to raise at least P1 million each for the open heart surgery expenses.


Photo grabbed from Ethan’s Heart Fund FB page.


Three of Cebu’s best bands who performed pro bono namely: Syphone, Double Standard and Falling For You, serenaded TGIF’s diners with their soothing acoustic music!


Look who came to support baby Ethan! Fellow heart solider, Maven (foreground) and mommy Hannah (on the ledge), founding member of Let It ECHO, Inc.


Photo lifted from Kristoffer Amora’s FB.



For more information about baby Nico and how to help him fight CHD, please visit or contact Daddy Rex at+639396023294, +639105269984






For more information on how to help baby Ethan win his batte, kindly visit his official Facebook page at or you can contact Mommy Melody at +63 922 504 7652 or Daddy Elluis at +63 922 309 2258 





17 Things local bands just don’t get.

I’ve always wanted to become a singer in a band or perhaps perform solo behind the guitar just like what Aiza Seguerra does. Father’s influence I must say. For various of valid reasons, I never became one. LOL! But if in case you are also just like me dreaming to become BIG in the music industry, here are 17 thoughts you might want to ponder on, from Above The Line Productions Production Designer, Mr. Kaloy Uypuanco. 😀



Lifted from Sir Kaloy Uypuanco’s Facebook account.


1. Trashing other bands in your scene isn’t hurting their reputation. It’s hurting yours.

2. Acting disinterested with folded arms at the back of the room at other bands’ shows does not make you cool. Singing along at the front of the stage does.

3. Looking like a rock star isn’t as important as sounding like one.

4. Image is actually important. Cargo shorts are for dads at a barbecue. Not for musicians on stage.

5. Being respectful and friendly will take you much further than being superior and entitled.

6. Going to other bands’ shows is THE most important thing you can do to support your scene.

7. Your scene’s gatekeepers are friends with each other. Get in with one and you’ll get in with them all. If you piss one off, prepare to be blacklisted.

8. You don’t need press to pack a show. You need a strong work ethic.

9. Physical promotional materials are still incredibly important. Get out into the world and put up some posters and hand out some flyers. Don’t spend all of your time on Facebook.

10. Facebook is dying. If your entire promotional plan relies on it, you’re doomed.

11. You need to conquer your hometown before you can hit the road. If no one cares about you locally, what makes you think people will care about you anywhere else?

12. Touring means nothing unless people actually show up to your shows. Do not tour unless you know how you’re going to get a crowd at every show.

13. Playing around town all the time weakens your draw. Spread out your shows so you can promote one big show every 6-8 weeks.

14. HOWEVER, when you’re starting off, you need to play out everywhere and anywhere all the time to get practice. Record every show. Once YOU love listening to your live set (and non-friends and non-family tell you they love your band) then you can book real shows and charge a cover.

15. If you suck, you do not deserve to be paid. Get good first. Then you can start charging.

16. No one in the industry cares about how good your music is. They care about how successful you have become on your own.

17. Go out of your way to help others in your scene. It will eventually come back around.


More tips on how to get in the game of the music industry? Follow Sir Kaloy on Twitter @kaloyuypuanco


In my constant search for affordable yet “omnomnom-worthy” food, 🙂 I’ve discovered this native Cebuano street food they call PROVEN. I call it native Cebuano because I never saw this in the streets of other cities I went to – none that I’m aware of.


Proven was actually introduced to me by one of my good friends Mikae when we were visiting a friend confined in CHH. We were hungry that time but didn’t really want to spend much since it was already “tingbits”. To our luck, we found a food stall (more like a food, err, pushcart? traysikad? AY AMBOT! lol) just around the corner.



But what exactly is PROVEN? o.O I asked the tindera what is it and she said that it is actually a chicken’s internal organ. Hmm. I had a feeling it’s chicken gizzard. But she said NO. 😦 Liver? Nope. Small intestine? Nope. Pancrease? Nope. Heart? Brain? Stomach? Nope. Grrrr! UNSA MAN JUD ATE??? And why is it called PROVEN? What did it prove? Was it first tested and then proven???


ATE: Ah basta. Proven nah mam!


Thank you very much for your wonderful answer candidate #65!



Photo credits: Likyam Ulgena Udalov


Anyways, with less than Php 100, Mikae and I already had 2 orders of crispy yet chewy proven, 8 pieces small-sized pusó, 2 bottles of Sparkle softdrinks and free toothpicks. Buurrrpp! 😀 #HappyTummy


If you want to check out ZAY-ZAY PROVEN, check the map below for your reference. Well, that is if they don’t find a better spot where the proven demand is high. Happy hunting! ^_^


is Bielle ready for school already?

I was reading an article from one of the blogs I follow and it concerned me because just like the author’s daughter, my Bielle is turning 3 and as per the K to 12 Basic Education Program, Bielle should already go to school this year. One of the Salient Features of K to 12 is Strengthening Early Childhood Education (Universal Kindergarten).


As much as I would like Bielle to go to school already for her better childhood development and so she doesn’t get left behind by other kids her age, I can’t help but fear the thought of her leaving the comfort and security of our home for say, 2-3 hours a day. For the record, Bielle is a heart-warrior and she had her open heart surgery last year. Her pedia-cardio said, she can go about the normal activities kids her age do however, in moderation. Translation: Bielle must not get tired/exhausted.




I can only imagine the horror that this early schooling might bring to Bielle. She is such a hyperactive kid and all the more if she has a bigger space to run around. What if the other kids start bullying her?  Or worse, Bielle hurting other kids? I’m pretty sure we can do all the learning activities mentioned in the K to 12 program at home minus the daily interaction with other kids, though. We have neighbors and they have kids. I guess that should already count?


I know I have to do the right thing for Bielle and I better start checking on great schools here in Cebu. Please enlighten me. #TroubledHeartMom