Vispop Songwriting Workshop – 2

Ganahan ba kang musuwat ug kantang bisdak apan di sigurado kung sakto ba ang imong binisaya? Pwes! Apil na sa VISPOP SONGWRITING WORKSHOP – LEG 2 karong umaabot nga Enero 21, 2015, adlawng Myerkules sa ala-una sa hapon. Didto kini pagahimuon sa UV New School of Art & Design, 4/F Gullas Medical Center (Banilad Campus). LIBRE KINI SA TANANG GUSTONG MOAPIL!


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NBI Online Application

In these internet-crazy times that we have now, when we say online application you can fill out the form online with all your pertinent information, pay for the corresponding fees and then maybe have the option to have the documents sent to your chosen address or pick it up from a nearby office.

With the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation’s new online application process — it’s a whole lot different perspective. Let me tell you why.


Photo extracted from Google search.

Just this week I went to the NBI head office here in Cebu City to file for a renewal of my NBI Clearance. Alas! They did not entertain me because I did not file for an online application (which I’m aware is already in effect but did not have the idea I will not be entertained if I didn’t do so).  Stupid me, right?

So I walked out of the NBI compound feeling like I just lost 10 million pesos that day until I heard someone trying to call my attention, “Online aplikesyon, ma’am?” When I turned to face the direction where the voice is coming from, I saw an advertisement printed (more like written) in a sheet of paper that read: WE ACCEPT ONLINE APPLICATION. *play the heavenly hallelujah sound here*

“Perfect! NBI have a kiosk outside! I don’t have to go home!”, I thought.

So, I sat down and gave the gentleman all my necessary information which he patiently typed in the NBI online application form pressing the backspace key at least 10 times per box for every misspelled word and repeating myself at least 3 times. He then printed out the fully accomplished form and told me I had to come back on March 20 to make a payment at the office and claim my NBI clearance. He also told me I still need to go back inside the NBI compound to make an appointment/reservation. I thought, “Oh, Okay?” Then the gentleman said “traynta pesos lang ni mam.” (Thirty pesos for the service ma’am)

“Okay. Wait, what!!!!!????”

Apparently, that gentleman is not part of the NBI kiosk I was thinking but just one of the many business-minded Cebuanos residing near the NBI compound and trying to make a living by helping frustrated fellow Cebuanos struggling with the process of completing their required documents maybe for employment or for travel abroad. In my case, for mere records keeping purposes. So, I took out thirty pesos from my purse and with a heavy heart, gave it to the gentleman. Whew! I then went back inside of the NBI compound that had a very long line up of applicants and I can see their faces that it’s as if they are lining up in a death row. I listed my name and online application reference number under the list that said March 21, 2014 which meant I had to come back on the 21st of March, get a priority number, line up in death row and make a payment. 😐

Therefore, to my fellowmen out there if you can read this message, please bear these in mind if you plan to go to NBI Cebu City (no idea as to how it goes for the other NBI branches nationwide) and process your NBI clearance:

► Submit an online NBI application form and take note of your reference number prior to going to their office and make sure to have it printed

► Visit NBI Cebu headquarters and have yourself listed for an appointment on the following week, or month(s), or year(s) to process your NBI clearance

► If you can make it to their office the earliest time possible, the better so you can go first in the death row

► Bring a fan, umbrella, cap or any paraphernalia that could shield you from the summer sun’s heat

► If someone, a bystander maybe, within the vicinity of the NBI compound is trying to help you, ASK IF THE ASSISTANCE IS FOR FREE

► Stash a lot of PATIENCE in your pocket and SMILE 🙂 makes all hell a lot more bearable

Happy NBI clearance processing! 😀

Crossfit Pintados

Longer days. Crazy high temperature. Out of town trip scheds here and there. Summer may have not yet officially started but it is certainly around the corner! But before you check out the internet for the most pristine beaches and exciting vacation spots to hit, you might want to ask yourself — is my bod beach-ready and Instagram-worthy? If your answer is yes, good for you! But if you answered NO — Don’t fret! You still have about 2 weeks to tone that physique and shed off some post-holiday pounds. Bored of your regular gym routine you say? No more extra time for that daily jog? Try CROSSFIT!

What is crossfit?


Photo grabbed from Crossfit Pintados FB Page.

It is a constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity. Yup! You’ve heard that right — HIGH INTENSITY. The good news is that crossfit is now in Cebu in the form of CROSSFIT PINTADOS! Owned by crossfit enthusiasts and couple, coach Jayson Santayana and Mitzi Santayana, they are the very first Certified Crossfit Affiliates here in Cebu. They even offer a FREE trial class to those who want to start pushing their limits! Having not enough time is never an excuse to do crossfit since it is not like your normal gym pattern that requires an hour or two. You got 8 minutes? PAYTZ NA! Aside from training people to get off their arses and start a whole new meaning of healthy lifestyle, Crossfit Pintados also aims to create a community – a family that supports you into becoming a better and healthier YOU. 

So what are you waiting for!? Don’t let your excess baggage hinder you from sporting that ultra hot swimwear of yours. Do crossfit now!

For your FREE CLASS slot reservation and inquiries, their contact details are as follows:


Unit 2 Cabanas Bldg. Juana Osmena St.

6000 Cebu City

Jayson Santayana – Owner/Head Coach

0917 571 5441 ||

My Sinulog Miracle

As promised in my previous blog, I will share to you a miracle that happened to my family about a year ago today (Jan18,2013) during the Sinulog festivities in Cebu City. So here it goes.

We were having a Garage Sale For A Cause together with my Let It ECHO family at The Persimmon, Mabolo, Cebu City as part of our fund raising activities for my daughter’s open heart surgery last year. One of the Sinulog activities that time was the parade of the image of the blessed Sr. Sto. Niño where everyone who joins the parade gets to bring their own graven image or sculpture of Sr. Sto. Niño. After the parade has ended, some of the people who joined the said parade came by to spend time with their family as there was also a bazaar happening that time at The Persimmon.


One old lady dropped by our spot to check some of the items in our garage sale. She was holding in her hands a sculpture of the Sto. Niño that was about two (2) feet tall and it kinda looked old.

Out of curiosity, I asked “Dugay na ni nga Sto. Niño nang?” (Ma’am, is this Sto. Niño antique?) She answered, “Oo, gikan pa ni sa akong mga katigulangan.” (Yes, this has been passed on from one generation of our family to another.) I asked her again, “Pwede ko mogunit?” (Do you mind me holding the Sto. Niño?) She politely answered, “Oo gunit lang.” (Go ahead.)

I am normally cynical about all these answered prayers or wishes that come true or miracles. I don’t know what’s gotten into me but as I held the hand of the blessed Sto. Niño, I said a little prayer in my head that went like this:

“Many people said that you are miraculous and that you answer many prayers. I’m not sure if you will hear my prayer, you see I wasn’t born Catholic so you might not even know who I am. But if in case you will hear me out, can you please heal my daughter? Can you tell me how or where can we find the lacking amount we need for her open heart surgery?”

After that, I thanked the lady and away she went about the venue.

The day ended and I really didn’t bother about the prayer I said earlier that day. I shrugged it off. I didn’t believe in miracles but I tried praying anyways thinking it wouldn’t hurt and it wont even cost me anything.

Two weeks have passed we received a confirmation from one of our friends that we can stay in his apartment when we get to Manila for the surgery. Perfect! The apartment is a convenient 15-minute train ride from the Chinese General Hospital where Gabrielle will have her open heart surgery. But wait, there’s more! That same week we have received yet another great news! The Gift of Life Foundation through the initiative of my daughter’s surgeon, Dr. Karl Reyes, pledged financial assistance worth P110,000 (roughly $2,600)! That was all the lacking amount we need to finally get a schedule for Gabrielle’s open heart surgery! Hence, the appointment was set on February 18, 2013 (four days after Valentine’s Day) at 7:00am — and the rest was history.

Some people say that there are no miracles. They say that these are just mere coincidences. But come to think of it, coincidences happen when one starts to pray. Of course, after praying you’ve also got to do your part by working on it. Unlike in fairytales, miracles don’t happen in just one snap of a finger. It doesn’t work that way here in the real world. I am not forcing you to believe in miracles but yes, the story you have just read is one. Gabrielle is my miracle! What’s yours? 🙂