17 Things local bands just don’t get.

I’ve always wanted to become a singer in a band or perhaps perform solo behind the guitar just like what Aiza Seguerra does. Father’s influence I must say. For various of valid reasons, I never became one. LOL! But if in case you are also just like me dreaming to become BIG in the music industry, here are 17 thoughts you might want to ponder on, from Above The Line Productions Production Designer, Mr. Kaloy Uypuanco. 😀



Lifted from Sir Kaloy Uypuanco’s Facebook account.


1. Trashing other bands in your scene isn’t hurting their reputation. It’s hurting yours.

2. Acting disinterested with folded arms at the back of the room at other bands’ shows does not make you cool. Singing along at the front of the stage does.

3. Looking like a rock star isn’t as important as sounding like one.

4. Image is actually important. Cargo shorts are for dads at a barbecue. Not for musicians on stage.

5. Being respectful and friendly will take you much further than being superior and entitled.

6. Going to other bands’ shows is THE most important thing you can do to support your scene.

7. Your scene’s gatekeepers are friends with each other. Get in with one and you’ll get in with them all. If you piss one off, prepare to be blacklisted.

8. You don’t need press to pack a show. You need a strong work ethic.

9. Physical promotional materials are still incredibly important. Get out into the world and put up some posters and hand out some flyers. Don’t spend all of your time on Facebook.

10. Facebook is dying. If your entire promotional plan relies on it, you’re doomed.

11. You need to conquer your hometown before you can hit the road. If no one cares about you locally, what makes you think people will care about you anywhere else?

12. Touring means nothing unless people actually show up to your shows. Do not tour unless you know how you’re going to get a crowd at every show.

13. Playing around town all the time weakens your draw. Spread out your shows so you can promote one big show every 6-8 weeks.

14. HOWEVER, when you’re starting off, you need to play out everywhere and anywhere all the time to get practice. Record every show. Once YOU love listening to your live set (and non-friends and non-family tell you they love your band) then you can book real shows and charge a cover.

15. If you suck, you do not deserve to be paid. Get good first. Then you can start charging.

16. No one in the industry cares about how good your music is. They care about how successful you have become on your own.

17. Go out of your way to help others in your scene. It will eventually come back around.


More tips on how to get in the game of the music industry? Follow Sir Kaloy on Twitter @kaloyuypuanco


NBI Online Application

In these internet-crazy times that we have now, when we say online application you can fill out the form online with all your pertinent information, pay for the corresponding fees and then maybe have the option to have the documents sent to your chosen address or pick it up from a nearby office.

With the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation’s new online application process — it’s a whole lot different perspective. Let me tell you why.


Photo extracted from Google search.

Just this week I went to the NBI head office here in Cebu City to file for a renewal of my NBI Clearance. Alas! They did not entertain me because I did not file for an online application (which I’m aware is already in effect but did not have the idea I will not be entertained if I didn’t do so).  Stupid me, right?

So I walked out of the NBI compound feeling like I just lost 10 million pesos that day until I heard someone trying to call my attention, “Online aplikesyon, ma’am?” When I turned to face the direction where the voice is coming from, I saw an advertisement printed (more like written) in a sheet of paper that read: WE ACCEPT ONLINE APPLICATION. *play the heavenly hallelujah sound here*

“Perfect! NBI have a kiosk outside! I don’t have to go home!”, I thought.

So, I sat down and gave the gentleman all my necessary information which he patiently typed in the NBI online application form pressing the backspace key at least 10 times per box for every misspelled word and repeating myself at least 3 times. He then printed out the fully accomplished form and told me I had to come back on March 20 to make a payment at the office and claim my NBI clearance. He also told me I still need to go back inside the NBI compound to make an appointment/reservation. I thought, “Oh, Okay?” Then the gentleman said “traynta pesos lang ni mam.” (Thirty pesos for the service ma’am)

“Okay. Wait, what!!!!!????”

Apparently, that gentleman is not part of the NBI kiosk I was thinking but just one of the many business-minded Cebuanos residing near the NBI compound and trying to make a living by helping frustrated fellow Cebuanos struggling with the process of completing their required documents maybe for employment or for travel abroad. In my case, for mere records keeping purposes. So, I took out thirty pesos from my purse and with a heavy heart, gave it to the gentleman. Whew! I then went back inside of the NBI compound that had a very long line up of applicants and I can see their faces that it’s as if they are lining up in a death row. I listed my name and online application reference number under the list that said March 21, 2014 which meant I had to come back on the 21st of March, get a priority number, line up in death row and make a payment. 😐

Therefore, to my fellowmen out there if you can read this message, please bear these in mind if you plan to go to NBI Cebu City (no idea as to how it goes for the other NBI branches nationwide) and process your NBI clearance:

► Submit an online NBI application form and take note of your reference number prior to going to their office and make sure to have it printed

► Visit NBI Cebu headquarters and have yourself listed for an appointment on the following week, or month(s), or year(s) to process your NBI clearance

► If you can make it to their office the earliest time possible, the better so you can go first in the death row

► Bring a fan, umbrella, cap or any paraphernalia that could shield you from the summer sun’s heat

► If someone, a bystander maybe, within the vicinity of the NBI compound is trying to help you, ASK IF THE ASSISTANCE IS FOR FREE

► Stash a lot of PATIENCE in your pocket and SMILE 🙂 makes all hell a lot more bearable

Happy NBI clearance processing! 😀

FB Page is the first step.

Why FB Page?

When I first learned that my daughter, Gabrielle, had a CHD and that we needed to raise more or less P1M for her open heart surgery, the very first thing I thought of was to create a Facebook Page for our information drive and fund raising campaign. This, too, I think should be the very first step of every parent needing help for their child’s campaign. Why?

  1. it’s FREE. as long as you have an FB account (which I think almost all people have) you can create a page for your campaign
  2. it’s online. hence, your story is easier to share with your friends and family and even with people from across the globe
  3. it’s public. anyone who wants to verify the genuineness of your story/campaign can take a look at the updates you have posted as well as your medical records because you can have them uploaded in one of your photo albums in the page. even people who doesn’t have FB accounts can view it
  4. it’s indexed. people nowadays rely on search engines. if someone types a keyword that is somehow related to your FB page, it will show up as one of the search results therefore directing traffic to your Facebook page or website
  5. by the end of year 2013, there’s already 1.26 billion registered Facebook users. in case your friends can’t help you out (which I highly doubt), over 1 billion people can still help you with your fund raising campaign 😉

How to create an FB page?

To start your fund raising campaign, click here —> https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

That link will direct you to the page below. Click on Cause or Community:


Then, you will be asked to enter your Page name. Tick the I agree to Facebook Pages Terms check box and click on Create Page button.


In the box provided for the page description, you can enter all the necessary details about your child’s CHD diagnosis, doctor’s recommendations and the details of your fund raising campaign (how much do you need to raise). If you have other websites, list it down on the space provided.  You also need to create a unique Facebook address so that people could easily find your using your Facebook URL. The shorter, the better. Answer the two questions that follow then click on Save Info.


To establish identity, select a unique profile picture. Either you upload it from your computer or import it from a website then click NEXT.


You’re almost there! Add your Page to your favorites to easily access it anytime. Click Add to Favorites button then hit NEXT.


Now you are ready to make your very first update on your fund raising campaign! Invite friends to like and share your page by clicking on the INVITE button right beside your friends’ names located at the right side of your page.

Most importantly, do not forget to constantly update your supporters with what’s going on with your child’s campaign. Publish your status update at least once a day. Where you are on your funds raised, what activities you have in line to raise funds, and most especially update your supporters about your child’s health.

To my fellow heart parents who’s yet to start their fund raising journey, it will be a tough ride ahead of you and your kid. Do not, under any circumstances, feel the need to back out of what you have started. If ever you feel like being discouraged by the result of your campaign — PRAY. Talk to Him. He will always listen and pick you up in your lowest times. Draw strength from your child that despite having this congenital heart disease, he is fighting the battle bravely. You can do it heart parents! 😀

Tutu Tutorial

I’ve been bugging my designer friend for a long time already to make a tutu skirt for my daughter. Well, I guess I don’t need to bug him anymore this time! I’m so happy I found this blog.

Cooking, Crafting & Chaos

A couple years back, tutus became very popular!  I bought my little girl a couple here and there from various kids’ clothing stores that I frequented…mostly ones on sale.  Then, I was introduced to Etsy, an online site where you can buy and sell handmade items or supplies so you can get crafty.  I started seeing a lot of people selling handmade tutus on Etsy and they were expensive…some were selling theirs for as much as $50!

At first, I thought to myself, “I’m sure I could make tutus and make a nice chunk of change like all of these people.”  I proceeded with a Google search to see how to make these adorable tutu skirts so girls all over could look like the princesses/ballerinas they dreamed of being.  There are a few different ways to do them and I gathered the info I needed from videos on YouTube

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