What better way to celebrate mothers day than celebrating it for a good cause?


A pocket concert for a cause was held last May 11, 2014, Sunday, at TGI Fridays in Ayala Center Cebu with the help of Let It ECHO, Inc. together with other volunteers. The event aimed to raise awareness about CHD and raise funds for baby Ethan’s and baby Nico’s open heart surgery. Baby Ethan was diagnosed with Ventricular Septal Defect Subpulmonic while baby Nico was diagnosed with Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return (TAPVR) to Superior Vena Cava and both their families need to raise at least P1 million each for the open heart surgery expenses.


Photo grabbed from Ethan’s Heart Fund FB page.


Three of Cebu’s best bands who performed pro bono namely: Syphone, Double Standard and Falling For You, serenaded TGIF’s diners with their soothing acoustic music!


Look who came to support baby Ethan! Fellow heart solider, Maven (foreground) and mommy Hannah (on the ledge), founding member of Let It ECHO, Inc.


Photo lifted from Kristoffer Amora’s FB.



For more information about baby Nico and how to help him fight CHD, please visit or contact Daddy Rex at+639396023294, +639105269984






For more information on how to help baby Ethan win his batte, kindly visit his official Facebook page at or you can contact Mommy Melody at +63 922 504 7652 or Daddy Elluis at +63 922 309 2258 






Sino si Kcat?

What is your happiness?


Your own house and lot? A new car? A new gadget? Buying the latest signature bags, shoes and dresses? Out of the country vacation with your family and friends? For a toddler, it’s as simple as a new playmate, a lollipop, or a sunny day so he can play outside. For a vegetable/fruit vendor, it’s his empty cart on his way home after a long day’s peddling around the town and a meager dinner in his hand for his family.


So to speak, each one of us has his own definition of happiness.


Mine? One of my happiness is knowing that people like Kcat Yarza still exists. I met this good Samaritan about two years ago when we were still raising funds for my daughter’s open heart surgery. Though she has Neurofibromatosis, she is one heck of a happy person! She finds happiness in just about anything, I know for a fact that the color purple makes her happy. 😉 Do you know what is she most happy about?


Celebrating her birthday every year with the kids of Philippine General Hospital. In fact, this year is already her 8th MAY BIRTHDAY PROJECT! Do you want to know her wishes?





“Please give me a birthday gift from my wishlist and help us in making this year’s gift-giving event as successful as the previous years. Donate. Join. Support.

My Birthday Wishlist:

New Toys
Diapers (for kids & adult)
Face Towels
and whatever you want to share (candies, pastries, thermometers, milk, etc.)
Monetary donations are very much welcome since we’ll be buying foods and other goodies and necessities to make this event extra fun!
We’ll repack everything that we’ll be able collect and on MAY 17, 2014 (Saturday), join us in distributing it and reach out to the patients of Pedia Ward 9 & 11, Neurosurgery (brain & spine), Pedia ICU, Neurology (w/ Neuro ICU) and Nursery.
Together, let us share our time, effort, and resources to give the sick and the needy the hope to live a happy life. Join us. Donate. Share. Care. You may contact my mother Madge Yarza at 0927-2459400 or me (Kcat) at 0915-1325228 / 0923-5219600.
Send in your donations before May 10 since we’ll have to repack everything before the event.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!” —Kcat Yarza  ‪#‎MAYbirthdayproject2014‬

is Bielle ready for school already?

I was reading an article from one of the blogs I follow and it concerned me because just like the author’s daughter, my Bielle is turning 3 and as per the K to 12 Basic Education Program, Bielle should already go to school this year. One of the Salient Features of K to 12 is Strengthening Early Childhood Education (Universal Kindergarten).


As much as I would like Bielle to go to school already for her better childhood development and so she doesn’t get left behind by other kids her age, I can’t help but fear the thought of her leaving the comfort and security of our home for say, 2-3 hours a day. For the record, Bielle is a heart-warrior and she had her open heart surgery last year. Her pedia-cardio said, she can go about the normal activities kids her age do however, in moderation. Translation: Bielle must not get tired/exhausted.




I can only imagine the horror that this early schooling might bring to Bielle. She is such a hyperactive kid and all the more if she has a bigger space to run around. What if the other kids start bullying her?  Or worse, Bielle hurting other kids? I’m pretty sure we can do all the learning activities mentioned in the K to 12 program at home minus the daily interaction with other kids, though. We have neighbors and they have kids. I guess that should already count?


I know I have to do the right thing for Bielle and I better start checking on great schools here in Cebu. Please enlighten me. #TroubledHeartMom

Heart Mother

I would like to share this poem that pretty much summarizes everything that a “heart mom” goes through when she has a heart soldier.




Gab’s 1st Heartiversary

Looking at the pictures and remembering the memories of baby Gabrielle’s heart journey, I and my husband couldn’t help but get teary eyed. It was a rough and tough roller coaster ride, but we made it through, Gabrielle made it through because of all of you!

~~During this hour, a year ago, Gabrielle was still inside the operating room fighting for her very precious life. Thank you very much to all of you who prayed for our daughter’s successful operation, to those who prayed for us to have enough courage to be strong for our daughter. At one point, we were anxiously waiting outside the operating room, waiting for any updated from the inside. Then my husband and I thought that there’s really nothing more we can do about it during that time so we decided to stay in the hospital’s chapel and surrendered all our fears and anxiety to the Almighty Healer. True enough, after 6 hours of waiting, Dr. Reyes and Dr. Cuaso came out of the operating room with smiles on their faces and told us that we could already take a look at Gabrielle in the recovery room.~~

Today, as Gabrielle celebrates her 1st year heartiversary, we would like to offer a short prayer to all heart soldiers still fighting for their own battle:

Almighty Father in Heaven we lift up our hearts to you. As we celebrate with joy and happiness in our hearts Gabrielle’s success story, we also pray for all other heart warriors still fighting their own battle right now. Lord, may you bless their families with courage and faith in you and that please let them know that this battle will only be temporary and will soon be won. Please bless the heart warriors with more strength to carry on with life. Thank you very much our Father for giving our precious Gabrielle another chance at life and that she may grow healthy and God fearing and she may also be a blessing to other people. All of these we ask in Jesus name, our Mighty Healer, AMEN!