For Mama


I know I could only count in my fingers the times that we got along very well. At least when I was already growing up and already making my own decisions. We couldn’t agree on what clothes I should wear, which friends I should hang out with, what food to eat, which places to go, the way I should speak, even the course I should take up in college. There’s just a lot of things we couldn’t agree on and I just don’t know why. I was very jealous of my other friends who’s like barkada with their moms. I thought you didn’t want that kind of relationship. I thought you like me to be the follower and you be the dictator or some kind of like that. That’s what I think our relationship was. But maybe it wasn’t really like that at all.


When your friends praised me back then for being a consistent honor student, you shrug it off and say “ah basig karon ra pud nah taman.” (It wont last long.) I was hurt. I thought you weren’t proud of me so I worked harder as a student but you were hard to please. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe you were actually proud of me and just didn’t want to brag about it to avoid being labeled as boastful. I really don’t know. There’s so much that I don’t understand about you (because I didn’t ask) and there’s so much you don’t understand me (because I never told you). I’m sure there were times that you tried reaching out to me so we could understand each other but I withdrew myself and shut you out. There’s too  many walls between us. Just when I was already ready to tell you and understand you, you have already created your own barrier. You were back to being stiff, or so I thought.


Despite all the disagreements we had and the fights we’ve put on, I’m still thankful because we’ve always had each other when we needed it the most. You were there when I was brokenhearted. You were there when I was disappointed with myself for failing an exam or for not getting the job I’ve applied for. You were there when I had no one else left to talk to. Maybe you were difficult. I was difficult too, for sure. Maybe I didn’t understand your ways of raising me but I know you did it all because you love me. You didn’t let me go on a field trip because you were too scared that the bus would get into an accident. You didn’t let me take MASSCOM because maybe you know that course would do me no good judging by the character that I have. You didn’t buy me new school supplies all the time because you want to teach me how to take care of my things and you want to teach me the value of money. You did not grant many of my requests, at least not right away but it is when I was already worthy and deserving of it. I hope you do realize that I learned so many things because of your do’s and don’t’s.




Ma, in spite of it all, I hope you are proud of yourself because you’ve done an amazing job at raising me and my brother. Thank you for everything you’ve endured just to give us the best. Thank you for being strong when we were scared and unsure of things. Thank you for being madiskarte in life, you’ve passed it on to me. Most of all, thank you for bringing us into this world. For sacrificing 9 months when we were in your womb. For risking your life in the operating room via CS section. For staying up at night because we wanted milk and you still looked down upon us with smiling face even you were too sleepy then. And for looking after us even until now that I have kids of my own already. Even if we don’t say it that often, I know we love each other, aminin! 😉 Ma, if not for you, I would never become the strong, independent, opinionated, loving, and affectionate woman that I am today. Thank you, I love you and I’ll see you very soon! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!





The Soshal Network

This is not Mark Zuckerberg’s life story…




Who are they? They are your friendly neighbourhood Spider Man! ESTE! 

They are the lovely alpha female owners of the most hilarious, the craziest, the most informative, the showbiz linggo-est, and THE most SOSHAL blog in the Philippines — THE SOSHAL NETWORK!


I am not really sure when or how I got to their blog but there’s only one thing I am sure of — they make my boring afternoons in the office a little bit  KUH-RAY-ZEE! (in a good way, of course) 😀 Not to sound sipsip but my day is really not complete without visiting their site. I can read their new entries just in one sitting. Naks! 😉 Though there are days that it’s a little too busy at the office and my face is screaming I HAD A BAD DAY, I really see to it that I visit their site to take all the bad vibes away before I go to bed at night.


Screen grab from


As the saying goes, “Imitation is the highest and sincerest form of flattery.” However, in as much as I would like to imitate their blogging style, I know I would do my blog no justice. Why? Aside from the fact that I am not a lawyer (though I dream to become one someday), honey, I am nowhere near soshal! 😀 LOL


Oh yeah, you’ve heard it right! These sweet trio are L-A-W-Y-E-R-S! Asteeg!!! 


But don’t fret, they don’t speak Latin in their blog. 😉 One of the many things I like about them, and I must say is THE best thing about their blog is that their write-ups are very light to the readers. (Sa bigat ba naman ng pinagdadaanan nating mga Pinoy, gusto mo pang magbasa ng wan milyon kilometers deep na articles!? HINDI NA NOH!) Also, their blog is interactive. They meet up with their loyal readers by hosting events.




❤ Miss Provinciated mostly talks about her daily adventures with her family and/or friends down south (of Luzon), specifically in what they call BaCav or Bacoor, Cavite. She is also one of my sources on showbiz updates. Ohah! Ohah! Don’t tell her she’s my personal favorite 😉 Gawd I make the loudest laugh whenever I read her chronicles!!

❤ Miss Sophisticated writes just about anything that captures her heart and attention, old or new stuff — mostly the sosyal stuff 🙂 It could be the latest boutique from where she lives or her usual go-to place whenever she feels like “just hanging out”. Uhm, you know where Balesin Island is? Well, she’s one of the stockholders! 😉

❤ Miss Domesticated speaks about the most prestigious job in the world — motherhood. 🙂 I have so much respect for this woman and everything she writes about. (Not that I don’t have respect for P and S ha!) But being a working mom myself, I know what exactly it would take just to make ends meet. Her articles provide me tips on how to effectively enjoy being a mother/entertainer/nurse/career woman/etc.. etc..


So! If you are searching for dash of ka-sosyalan and a dose of laughter, visit NOW! 😀

Sino si Kcat?

What is your happiness?


Your own house and lot? A new car? A new gadget? Buying the latest signature bags, shoes and dresses? Out of the country vacation with your family and friends? For a toddler, it’s as simple as a new playmate, a lollipop, or a sunny day so he can play outside. For a vegetable/fruit vendor, it’s his empty cart on his way home after a long day’s peddling around the town and a meager dinner in his hand for his family.


So to speak, each one of us has his own definition of happiness.


Mine? One of my happiness is knowing that people like Kcat Yarza still exists. I met this good Samaritan about two years ago when we were still raising funds for my daughter’s open heart surgery. Though she has Neurofibromatosis, she is one heck of a happy person! She finds happiness in just about anything, I know for a fact that the color purple makes her happy. 😉 Do you know what is she most happy about?


Celebrating her birthday every year with the kids of Philippine General Hospital. In fact, this year is already her 8th MAY BIRTHDAY PROJECT! Do you want to know her wishes?





“Please give me a birthday gift from my wishlist and help us in making this year’s gift-giving event as successful as the previous years. Donate. Join. Support.

My Birthday Wishlist:

New Toys
Diapers (for kids & adult)
Face Towels
and whatever you want to share (candies, pastries, thermometers, milk, etc.)
Monetary donations are very much welcome since we’ll be buying foods and other goodies and necessities to make this event extra fun!
We’ll repack everything that we’ll be able collect and on MAY 17, 2014 (Saturday), join us in distributing it and reach out to the patients of Pedia Ward 9 & 11, Neurosurgery (brain & spine), Pedia ICU, Neurology (w/ Neuro ICU) and Nursery.
Together, let us share our time, effort, and resources to give the sick and the needy the hope to live a happy life. Join us. Donate. Share. Care. You may contact my mother Madge Yarza at 0927-2459400 or me (Kcat) at 0915-1325228 / 0923-5219600.
Send in your donations before May 10 since we’ll have to repack everything before the event.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!” —Kcat Yarza  ‪#‎MAYbirthdayproject2014‬

The Love Whisperer’s Playlist

It’s Sunday. You’re home. Alone. You can hear the ticking of the clock. You’re usually noisy neighbor is not home. And you just feel like you wanna go senti. I know there are days that you just don’t feel like listening to the usual music genre that you love no matter how much you really super duper ultra mega love it. And I’m kinda feeling it right now. I tried to start my usual playlist and it felt like I fell out of love from it. LOL Drama.


Good thing I came across this blogsite which featured my kind of songs/playlist right now! So if you’re feeling a little senti today too, better click here right now and start the, err, trip down the memory lane. LOL



And oh! The blogsite does not only feature my newly found favorite playlist, it also is all about love. Love questions. Love advises. Love rules and whatnot. Therefore, my friend, if you really are feeling like you need some love enlightenment right now, by all means visit the site. It would not hit  the TOP 2 spot of for no valid reason. 🙂

is Bielle ready for school already?

I was reading an article from one of the blogs I follow and it concerned me because just like the author’s daughter, my Bielle is turning 3 and as per the K to 12 Basic Education Program, Bielle should already go to school this year. One of the Salient Features of K to 12 is Strengthening Early Childhood Education (Universal Kindergarten).


As much as I would like Bielle to go to school already for her better childhood development and so she doesn’t get left behind by other kids her age, I can’t help but fear the thought of her leaving the comfort and security of our home for say, 2-3 hours a day. For the record, Bielle is a heart-warrior and she had her open heart surgery last year. Her pedia-cardio said, she can go about the normal activities kids her age do however, in moderation. Translation: Bielle must not get tired/exhausted.




I can only imagine the horror that this early schooling might bring to Bielle. She is such a hyperactive kid and all the more if she has a bigger space to run around. What if the other kids start bullying her?  Or worse, Bielle hurting other kids? I’m pretty sure we can do all the learning activities mentioned in the K to 12 program at home minus the daily interaction with other kids, though. We have neighbors and they have kids. I guess that should already count?


I know I have to do the right thing for Bielle and I better start checking on great schools here in Cebu. Please enlighten me. #TroubledHeartMom