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POPE FRANCIS has left the Philippines. Many Filipinos can now go back to doing what they love most: hating one another.

Last Sunday morning, Pope Francis visited The Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas, The Catholic University of the Philippines for the “Encounter with the Youth” event. One of the speakers was a former street kid who asked the Pope why God allows children to suffer from prostitution and drug addiction. The Pope said there was no answer to that question. But President Aquino disagreed and said it wasn’t God who’s at fault but the previous administration.

In his homily, Pope Francis mentioned about faith and distractions. He said, “We forget to remain, at heart, children of God because of the promise of ephemeral pleasures and superficial pastimes, such as ‘tinkering with gadgets.’ The crowd missed that part of the homily because they were editing some cellphone photos.

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2014 in review.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,300 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 22 trips to carry that many people.

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On women and insecurities.

When I was a kid,  nothing was easy for our family and our life was, in my opinion, qualified for a Maalaala Mo Kaya episode. Yup, madrama! But despite the fact that I was not living the life of a princess, I did not think that I was missing a lot in life back then. For one, we had our own house which I thought was one of the biggest in our neighborhood but when we went back there (we had it rented when I was already in high school) to visit, it miraculously shrank in size! LOL


Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that I never felt like I had an awful childhood experience even though we did not have the grandest lifestyle. When our neighbor purchased a new appliance, it wasn’t a big deal that we didn’t. When my classmate had a new ultrasupermega-cool pencil case and a stroller bag, I compliment her and then that was it. I never felt like it was necessary for me to have whatever the other kids had that time. If I tell my mom that I wanted her to buy me a new toy (for the record, I did not like dolls but toy cars / basketball and other boy stuff), she would tell me straight up that we could not afford it and that I wouldn’t have had to ask if only we could. Mom also taught me that some things are not necessary and that having them would only mean a waste of money. I was quick to accept. Did not ask too many questions or fuss about the whole idea. It was safe to say that I did not have insecurities, or if I did, I  only brushed it off.


This is why I pity those people who would frequently lament about their lives — that they had a bad life, bad childhood memories, bad fate. I was like, you have no idea what I went through.


My firsthand experience with girls and insecurities was when I was in first year high school. We have this girl classmate, let’s call her Beauty, who in my opinion is the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen in my life! She’s a Fil-Spanish therefore she had beautiful dreamy eyes, lashes that could cast a spell on you, fair complexion and tall slender body build. In short — pang Miss Universe! Plus factor is that she is really kindhearted, spoke in a very ladylike manner, very prim and proper, not to mention intelligent. Beautiful inside and out. On the other hand, there’s one group of girls in our class who really doesn’t like her. Like, ever! They would talk behind her back and when she approaches them, one girl in the group would say “Naa na ang tiguwang!” (The old lady is approaching), and then they will transform into their fake aura towards her as to not get caught that they are talking bad about her. I really don’t understand why they hate her so much even if she did not do anything to offend them or anything like that. And then I saw the bigger picture. They were full of envy when they look at Beauty. They did not like the fact that she would turn boys’ heads the moment she walked into the classroom. They did not like how our teachers would compliment on Beauty’s class recitation or project. They did not like the fact that Beauty came from a well-off family. Whew! My list could go a long way and I don’t want you to get exhausted just like me. That was the time I realized that insecurities do exist.



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In my humble opinion, it is fine to have your insecurities for as long as it does not transform you into a backbiting monster running around with your mouth spreading bad publicity about other people. If you have insecurities, you either accept them and work on them so you could overcome those little devils inside your head, or forever possess one of the 7 deadly sins — ENVY. And oh, you don’t have the license to blame having an awful life for your attitude because you have no idea what kind of hell other people are dealing with. Sometimes you can’t see traces of struggle or bitterness in their faces and in fact, they could be the nicest people you meet on the road offering you an umbrella to save you from one of your rainy days.

NBI Online Application

In these internet-crazy times that we have now, when we say online application you can fill out the form online with all your pertinent information, pay for the corresponding fees and then maybe have the option to have the documents sent to your chosen address or pick it up from a nearby office.

With the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation’s new online application process — it’s a whole lot different perspective. Let me tell you why.


Photo extracted from Google search.

Just this week I went to the NBI head office here in Cebu City to file for a renewal of my NBI Clearance. Alas! They did not entertain me because I did not file for an online application (which I’m aware is already in effect but did not have the idea I will not be entertained if I didn’t do so).  Stupid me, right?

So I walked out of the NBI compound feeling like I just lost 10 million pesos that day until I heard someone trying to call my attention, “Online aplikesyon, ma’am?” When I turned to face the direction where the voice is coming from, I saw an advertisement printed (more like written) in a sheet of paper that read: WE ACCEPT ONLINE APPLICATION. *play the heavenly hallelujah sound here*

“Perfect! NBI have a kiosk outside! I don’t have to go home!”, I thought.

So, I sat down and gave the gentleman all my necessary information which he patiently typed in the NBI online application form pressing the backspace key at least 10 times per box for every misspelled word and repeating myself at least 3 times. He then printed out the fully accomplished form and told me I had to come back on March 20 to make a payment at the office and claim my NBI clearance. He also told me I still need to go back inside the NBI compound to make an appointment/reservation. I thought, “Oh, Okay?” Then the gentleman said “traynta pesos lang ni mam.” (Thirty pesos for the service ma’am)

“Okay. Wait, what!!!!!????”

Apparently, that gentleman is not part of the NBI kiosk I was thinking but just one of the many business-minded Cebuanos residing near the NBI compound and trying to make a living by helping frustrated fellow Cebuanos struggling with the process of completing their required documents maybe for employment or for travel abroad. In my case, for mere records keeping purposes. So, I took out thirty pesos from my purse and with a heavy heart, gave it to the gentleman. Whew! I then went back inside of the NBI compound that had a very long line up of applicants and I can see their faces that it’s as if they are lining up in a death row. I listed my name and online application reference number under the list that said March 21, 2014 which meant I had to come back on the 21st of March, get a priority number, line up in death row and make a payment. 😐

Therefore, to my fellowmen out there if you can read this message, please bear these in mind if you plan to go to NBI Cebu City (no idea as to how it goes for the other NBI branches nationwide) and process your NBI clearance:

► Submit an online NBI application form and take note of your reference number prior to going to their office and make sure to have it printed

► Visit NBI Cebu headquarters and have yourself listed for an appointment on the following week, or month(s), or year(s) to process your NBI clearance

► If you can make it to their office the earliest time possible, the better so you can go first in the death row

► Bring a fan, umbrella, cap or any paraphernalia that could shield you from the summer sun’s heat

► If someone, a bystander maybe, within the vicinity of the NBI compound is trying to help you, ASK IF THE ASSISTANCE IS FOR FREE

► Stash a lot of PATIENCE in your pocket and SMILE 🙂 makes all hell a lot more bearable

Happy NBI clearance processing! 😀

EDSA turns 28

EDSA turns 28

Confused sad ka? Read on.