Twitter: A new you.

Okay. So, I was a bit surprised when I recently checked my Twitter profile because it kinda looked like this:



Yes, I know what you are thinking!

Bigger profile photo. Cover photo that is stretched out to your entire screen. I hate to say this but it kinda looks like a layout that is coincidentally a little bit similar to a different social media platform. Hmmm. Sneaky.

Plus this:



In my dire need for explanation why this suddenly happened to my Twitter profile, I searched it online and found this:




QUESTION: Was there some kind of merging that happened somewhere again? :-/


3 thoughts on “Twitter: A new you.

  1. Lots of people is into Twitter nowadays because Facebook is too drama aw haha (as if sa twitter dili) but Twitter is somehwat (for me) like a virtual diary haha. You can post as many as you want but if you do that in Facebook, you’ll be screw haha. Oh, you missed something, you can now tag your photo up to 10 twiitter people w/o consuming the 140 character, isnt that a good news, too. ^_^

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