In my constant search for affordable yet “omnomnom-worthy” food, 🙂 I’ve discovered this native Cebuano street food they call PROVEN. I call it native Cebuano because I never saw this in the streets of other cities I went to – none that I’m aware of.


Proven was actually introduced to me by one of my good friends Mikae when we were visiting a friend confined in CHH. We were hungry that time but didn’t really want to spend much since it was already “tingbits”. To our luck, we found a food stall (more like a food, err, pushcart? traysikad? AY AMBOT! lol) just around the corner.



But what exactly is PROVEN? o.O I asked the tindera what is it and she said that it is actually a chicken’s internal organ. Hmm. I had a feeling it’s chicken gizzard. But she said NO. 😦 Liver? Nope. Small intestine? Nope. Pancrease? Nope. Heart? Brain? Stomach? Nope. Grrrr! UNSA MAN JUD ATE??? And why is it called PROVEN? What did it prove? Was it first tested and then proven???


ATE: Ah basta. Proven nah mam!


Thank you very much for your wonderful answer candidate #65!



Photo credits: Likyam Ulgena Udalov


Anyways, with less than Php 100, Mikae and I already had 2 orders of crispy yet chewy proven, 8 pieces small-sized pusó, 2 bottles of Sparkle softdrinks and free toothpicks. Buurrrpp! 😀 #HappyTummy


If you want to check out ZAY-ZAY PROVEN, check the map below for your reference. Well, that is if they don’t find a better spot where the proven demand is high. Happy hunting! ^_^



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