is Bielle ready for school already?

I was reading an article from one of the blogs I follow and it concerned me because just like the author’s daughter, my Bielle is turning 3 and as per the K to 12 Basic Education Program, Bielle should already go to school this year. One of the Salient Features of K to 12 is Strengthening Early Childhood Education (Universal Kindergarten).


As much as I would like Bielle to go to school already for her better childhood development and so she doesn’t get left behind by other kids her age, I can’t help but fear the thought of her leaving the comfort and security of our home for say, 2-3 hours a day. For the record, Bielle is a heart-warrior and she had her open heart surgery last year. Her pedia-cardio said, she can go about the normal activities kids her age do however, in moderation. Translation: Bielle must not get tired/exhausted.




I can only imagine the horror that this early schooling might bring to Bielle. She is such a hyperactive kid and all the more if she has a bigger space to run around. What if the other kids start bullying her?  Or worse, Bielle hurting other kids? I’m pretty sure we can do all the learning activities mentioned in the K to 12 program at home minus the daily interaction with other kids, though. We have neighbors and they have kids. I guess that should already count?


I know I have to do the right thing for Bielle and I better start checking on great schools here in Cebu. Please enlighten me. #TroubledHeartMom

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