Born to skate on ice!

“Best day of my life.

Skating for the Philippines

is a dream come true!”

-Michael Christian Martinez

He left for Sochi, Russia to represent the Philippines in the hopes of making his fellowmen proud and leave an indelible mark in the history of Winter Olympics being the lone Filipino delegate to the 2014 SOCHI WINTER OLYMPICS even at the expense of putting their house on mortgage just to finance his travel expenses due to the lack of support from the Philippine government.



Michael’s mother even told in an interview that he almost backed out due to the injuries he have incurred from a bad fall. In spite of it all, Michael still managed to uphold the banner and honor of the Philippines and even made it to the Men’s Free Skate Finals in which he landed 19th on the rank among the 29 other ice skaters.




Not that I’m a big fan of ice skating or whatever but when it comes to my kababayans proudly representing the country to any competition they join across the globe, I must say that I always give my full support and couldn’t help but be proud of them as well! The moment I heard that this young Winter Olympian didn’t get anything, not even a send off, from our government pained and infuriated me big time! He is the perfect example that our government has their priorities all wrong. Spending a fortune for a meeting slash vacation abroad but couldn’t shell out for someone bringing the name and honor of the Philippines? Ridiculous in whichever angle you see it!


This young lad deserves more than just a heroes welcome!

***All photos are grabbed from Google search and***


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