Choose wellness. Choose Nestlé!

So, husband, Gab, and I went to the grocery yesterday morning and we got FREE Nestlé products! How???


Nestlé Philippines has this yearly program they call Choose wellness. Choose Nestlé where as a way of saying thank you to their loyal consumers, they give FREE nutrition consultation with one of their licensed nutritionist. During their 3-5 minutes session, you will have your height and weight measured plus your BMI and body fat percentage calculation, which I happen to pass thank goodness despite all the lazy moments I have in the house not to mention my dinosaur appetite. YES! I passed, so the nutritionist advised me to just continue drinking milk at least 2 glasses everyday, go decaf on my coffee addiction 😉 and at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.


Also, they have this WELLNESS PLATE where if you need to lose weight, you must use an 8 inches (diameter) plate, 9 inches for weight maintenance, and if you have the need to gain weight you need to use a 10 inches (diameter) plate. Whichever plate you must use, half of it must contain fruits and veggies, 1/4 should be allocated for carbohydrates, and the other 1/4 for food rich in protein.

What are you waiting for?? Go to your nearest grocery and have your BMI and body fat percentage checked! They will be serving every Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays until the end of March this year. Choose wellness. Choose Nestlé!

PS: Results for my husband’s consultation is confidential he said. 😉 LOL


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