Gab’s 1st Heartiversary

Looking at the pictures and remembering the memories of baby Gabrielle’s heart journey, I and my husband couldn’t help but get teary eyed. It was a rough and tough roller coaster ride, but we made it through, Gabrielle made it through because of all of you!

~~During this hour, a year ago, Gabrielle was still inside the operating room fighting for her very precious life. Thank you very much to allΒ of you who prayed for our daughter’s successful operation, to those who prayed for us to have enough courage to be strong for our daughter. At one point, we were anxiously waiting outside the operating room, waiting for any updated from the inside. Then my husband and I thought that there’s really nothing more we can do about it during that time so we decided to stay in the hospital’s chapel and surrendered all our fears and anxiety to the Almighty Healer. True enough, after 6 hours of waiting, Dr. Reyes and Dr. Cuaso came out of the operating room with smiles on their faces and told us that we could already take a look at Gabrielle in the recovery room.~~

Today, as Gabrielle celebrates her 1st year heartiversary, we would like to offer a short prayer to all heart soldiers still fighting for their own battle:

Almighty Father in Heaven we lift up our hearts to you. As we celebrate with joy and happiness in our hearts Gabrielle’s success story, we also pray for all other heart warriors still fighting their own battle right now. Lord, may you bless their families with courage and faith in you and that please let them know that this battle will only be temporary and will soon be won. Please bless the heart warriors with more strength to carry on with life. Thank you very much our Father for giving our precious Gabrielle another chance at life and that she may grow healthy and God fearing and she may also be a blessing to other people. All of these we ask in Jesus name, our Mighty Healer, AMEN!


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