the five people you meet in heaven. by: mitch albom

I’ve never read any inspirational books before. I was never a fan, but this one got me intrigued. I got the opportunity to watch the movie first which actually told me that there is no point in reading the book anymore. Thanks to the sloppy portrayal of the cast of characters! How come a lot of book readers tell me to give this poor thing a chance? I mean, c’mon! The movie had already bored me to death, why on Earth would I commit suicide the 2nd time by reading that boring book!?

I was firm on my decision not to read it, until my seatmate at work ended up crying after finishing the entire book.

In this book, Mitch Albom teaches his readers about how each one of us has his own concept of heaven, of sacrifice, why we should not entertain the idea of holding grudges, why we should not regret about your life or think of it as worthless, how to keep a couple’s love nourished, and that how each of our lives are intertwined in one way or another.


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