Arvin Jimenez

Patay na daw si Tado?” one colleague of mine asked at work.

“Duh, for sure it’s another hoax!” I blankly said.

Minutes later, my Facebook newsfeed was flooded with posts about Tado’s tragic bus accident. I was dumb founded. But I was more surprised about the emotions that came rushing. I didn’t expect I would be affected this way. It’s as if I lost someone close to me. One friend of mine told me, “Maybe because he was then your alter ego.”

Well, way back in high school, I had the same long wavy black hair and wore it the same way he did — magulong lugay. I also enjoyed watching Strangebrew — a reality comedy show hosted by him and Angel “Erning” Rivero. Aside from that, I was so amused at how he throws his punchlines most especially those that were aimed to the government. True, an aktibista he was. A smooth criminal he was.


grabbed from

The last memory I had of him was when he guested as one of the “Hurados” of the ABS-CBN noontime show It’s Showtime! where he had a heated debate with Showtime regular host Vice Ganda  over a statement shirt he wore that day that read “Di bale na ang magnakaw kesa mamakla.” Vice Ganda was offended and Tado tried to explain his opinion.

Watch Tado Vs. Vice Ganda on Showtime

Thank you for the laughter you have given to your supporters and fans, Tado. Thank you for your art and creations. Mapayapang paglalakbay.


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