FB Page is the first step.

Why FB Page?

When I first learned that my daughter, Gabrielle, had a CHD and that we needed to raise more or less P1M for her open heart surgery, the very first thing I thought of was to create a Facebook Page for our information drive and fund raising campaign. This, too, I think should be the very first step of every parent needing help for their child’s campaign. Why?

  1. it’s FREE. as long as you have an FB account (which I think almost all people have) you can create a page for your campaign
  2. it’s online. hence, your story is easier to share with your friends and family and even with people from across the globe
  3. it’s public. anyone who wants to verify theย genuineness of your story/campaign can take a look at the updates you have posted as well as your medical records because you can have them uploaded in one of your photo albums in the page. even people who doesn’t have FB accounts can view it
  4. it’s indexed. people nowadays rely on search engines. if someone types a keyword that is somehow related to your FB page, it will show up as one of the search results therefore directing traffic to your Facebook page or website
  5. by the end of year 2013, there’s already 1.26 billion registered Facebook users. in case your friends can’t help you out (which I highly doubt), over 1 billion people can still help you with your fund raising campaign ๐Ÿ˜‰

How to create an FB page?

To start your fund raising campaign, click here —>ย https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

That link will direct you to the page below. Click on Cause or Community:


Then, you will be asked to enter your Page name. Tick the I agree to Facebook Pages Terms check box and click onย Create Page button.


In the box provided for the page description, you can enter all the necessary details about your child’s CHD diagnosis, doctor’s recommendations and the details of your fund raising campaign (how much do you need to raise). If you have other websites, list it down on the space provided. ย You also need to create a unique Facebook address so that people could easily find your using your Facebook URL. The shorter, the better. Answer the two questions that follow then click onย Save Info.


To establish identity, select a unique profile picture. Either you upload it from your computer or import it from a website then click NEXT.


You’re almost there! Add your Page to your favorites to easily access it anytime. Click Add to Favorites button then hit NEXT.


Now you are ready to make your very first update on your fund raising campaign! Invite friends to like and share your page by clicking on theย INVITEย button right beside your friends’ names located at the right side of your page.

Most importantly, do not forget to constantly update your supporters with what’s going on with your child’s campaign. Publish your status update at least once a day. Where you are on your funds raised, what activities you have in line to raise funds, and most especially update your supporters about your child’s health.

To my fellow heart parents who’s yet to start their fund raising journey, it will be a tough ride ahead of you and your kid. Do not, under any circumstances, feel the need to back out of what you have started. If ever you feel like being discouraged by the result of your campaign — PRAY. Talk to Him. He will always listen and pick you up in your lowest times. Draw strength from your child that despite having this congenital heart disease, he is fighting the battle bravely. You can do it heart parents! ๐Ÿ˜€

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