Turning Japanese!

I’ve tried tracing back the roots of our family tree and I couldn’t seem to find a hint of Chinese, Japanese, or Korean blood from my ancestors. Which makes me ask, “Why am I so fascinated with Asian food?” Could it be their use of the chopsticks that makes Asian dining very interesting? πŸ˜€

Just across the building from where I work in Cebu IT Park, Lahug is a newly opened branch of Tokyo Joe! Well, not really very recent but they took the spot of the former similarly Japanese-themed restaurant just beside Starbucks at the ground floor of i2 building.


An all-time favorite of mine. Never tried the ones made by pure Japanese people though. 😦

One of their must-tries is theΒ GyΕ«don (牛丼), or simply known as theΒ beef bowl! My favorite? BEEF BOWL MISONO! For only P95 you can already enjoy a bowl of rice topped with the most mouth-watering beef and onion simmered in a mildly sweet sauce flavor and topped with some beautifully sliced ginger! So affordable yet so delectable!!!


THE FAMOUSE BEEF BOWL MISONO! (Photo grabbed from https://www.facebook.com/TokyoJoePhilippines)

Aside from the TJ’s BOWL, they also have TJ’s BENTO which is perfect for your BIG appetite and TJ’s side orders offers tempura, california maki, fish finger with cheese, age gyoza or dumplings, miso soup, squid rings, kani (crab) salad and a whole lot more!!! Below is their menu.




It’s poll time!!!

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