The truth about Sodium Ascorbate.

Earlier this morning, mom and I got into an argument about Sodium Ascorbate. Yup, we argue just about anything and everything and this time, it’s about a food supplement. Well, not really the type of argument that you have in mind right now but rather it’s a healthy discussion and is somewhere leaning towards becoming a debate. I hate debates with her because I always win. LOL.


Anyways, she’s been drinking this type of sodium ascorbate on a daily basis which is believed to heal a number of serious ailments. You want to know the items on the list she gave me? High blood pressure. Heart diseases. Stroke. Asthma. Paralysis. And many more! You could only imagine. She bought this brand of sodium ascorbate from a company, where she is already a member, which practices multi-level marketing (also known in the Philippines as networking)  and whose business identity I choose to not disclose. Promoting the use of sodium ascorbate as a food supplement and encouraging people to take it daily is alright with me since I’m also taking it myself (not on a daily basis, though). When I’ve tried drinking it, I already prefer taking sodium ascorbate instead of the regular vitamin C people have come to know as ascorbic acid for the reason that it doesn’t give me that hyperacidic feeling even if I drink it with an empty stomach.




Sodium ascorbate is actually just one of the many types of mineral salts of ascorbic acid or vitamin C and not a wonder drug! It is a FOOD SUPPLEMENT and not classified as medicine. It is intended to supply nutrients to the human body that may otherwise not be ingested in sufficient quantities. What pisses me off is that these networking companies are so desperate to get that multi-million sales they want up to the point that they provide false hopes to a number of people patronizing their products. Clearly printed on the box of the food supplements they sell is the phrase NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS which means the product has not yet been tested for any medicinal benefit whatsoever. Then how come they proudly proclaim that these products can cure terminal ailments!? Pathetic! I believe you are also selling karma-immunity products, huh?


People these days are always in search for something that can bring them a better way of living but what they don’t realize is that they are only adding years to their life but not life to the remaining years. As much as people want to be healed or cured from whatever sickness they have right now, I hope that they are also mindful of the solutions being introduced to them.



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