Cetaphil DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion

I’ve always been a fan of the Cetaphil products especially their Gentle Skin Cleanser which has gentle, non-irritating formulas appropriate for most skin types. I’ve been using it as a cleanser for my face for over three years now and I plan to continue using it for as long as their company continues to manufacture it!

Just this year, when I was on the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy, the skin on my tummy area became very dry and super duper itchy that I want to commit suicide already! I’ve tried every lotion, moisturizer, and even liniments sold at the drugstore but none of them seem to cure my very itchy problem. Hence, I went to visit my OB Gynecologist and asked for her help. She prescribed Cetaphil’sΒ DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion!


Based on it’s description, it is clinically proven to hydrate and protect dry skin for 24 hours. Hmm… Is this even true at all?? I was of course skeptical but I was flabbergasted when after two days of use, I’m no longer experiencing the itchiness on my bulging belly area. I even forgot it was itchy! It really works! If only all the products in the market is as effective as what its label says, the earth would be a better place to live!

What makes Cetaphil DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating LotionΒ very effective is because it contains Epidermal Replenishing Complex, a unique combination of 5 key ingredients that protects dry skin and enhances hydration. It is also non-greasy, fragrance free, and the best part is that it is non-comedogenic. Meaning, it wont block your skin pores and it is ideal for sensitive skin.

An 85g (3 oz) tube will only cost you around PhP700 and you can use it everyday as a regular lotion and you can apply it lavishly as often as needed. What are you waiting for? Try it now!

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